Corporate Profile

Who we are:
We are an independent oilfield services company providing inflatable packers, swellable packers, and associated downhole products and services to the oil and gas industry.

Where we are:
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, TAM provides technical support, products, and services from offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Russia. Our regional offices are located in Calgary, Canada; Aberdeen, Scotland; Perth, Australia; Bogota, Colombia; and Dubai, UAE. View our contact list for a complete record of TAM locations.

Corporate structure:
We are a privately held company with over 400 employees worldwide.

Core values:
Our core values are the foundation for TAM growth and prosperity

  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Profitability
  • Teamwork
Corporate Profile

Company History:

TAM International was incorporated in Houston, Texas, as a manufacturer of inflatable packer elements under the name TAM Products, Inc.

TAM was purchased by the present owners

The company name was changed to TAM International, Inc.

Added field service tools

Developed the Casing Annulus Packer (CAP) product line for annular gas migration control

Opened a manufacturing and repair facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, known as TAM International Oil Services, Ltd.

Developed the hydrological test tool for the Hanford Nuclear Waste Management Site in Hanford, Washington

Developed the TAM-J, a downhole tool with a setting mechanism featuring a resettable, inflatable production/treating packer; Developed the Port Collar and Combination Tool for stage cementing 18-5/8 inch casing

Provided hydrological test tools to Nevada Test Site for nuclear waste storage; Opened a sales, service, and repair facility in Aberdeen, Scotland called TAM International North Sea, Ltd., to service the oil and gas industry in the North Sea region

Ran the first inflatable packer on coiled tubing

Built a new manufacturing facility consisting of a 4,000 square foot office building and a 24,000 square foot manufacturing building including a machine shop, rubber shop, electronics lab, and engineering

Developed and patented the Casing Circulator

Improved a selective acidizing tool for horizontal wells; Expanded Canadian operations into Estevan, Saskatchewan

Implemented a Quality Management Program that was certifiable to ISO:9001; Expanded the Middle East operations by opening an office in Muscat, Oman

Opened an office in Trinidad

Redesigned the CAP specifically for horizontal well zonal isolation

Opened an office in Jakarta & Balikpappan, Indonesia; Expanded U.S. operations into Louisiana; Implemented a Quality Management System for ISO 9001:1994 certification

Introduced the retrievable open hole whipstock packer and VE element; Expanded operations into Africa by placing personnel in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria; Achieved full certification to ISO 9001:1994 standard

Expanded horizontal completion capabilities with VE inflation element and VE XTRACAP

Opened sales and service operations in Perth, Australia; Expanded Indonesia sales & service operations

Built a new corporate office and doubled the size of the manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas; Developed the premium thread Combination Tool for horizontal completions

Introduced SlikPak™ slickline conveyed thru tubing packer setting tool; Achieved a major breakthrough in high expansion thru tubing technology

Developed the TAM JUMBO-J for high-load, high tensile strength, multiple-set testing and treating applications in large diameter casing and open hole; Achieved full certification to ISO 9001:2000 quality standard

Opened an office in Dubai, UAE; Opened an office in St. John’s, Newfoundland; Established TAM International Asia Pacific Ltd Pte

Introduced the FREECAP swellable packer; Opened an office in Oklahoma City

Introduced the Hatch Packer tool, featuring unified construction that incorporated the TAM Port Collar and TAM Casing Annulus Packer (CAP); Introduced SlikPak Plus; Opened an office in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Introduced the 9-5/8” metal-to-metal seal Hatch Packer; Opened an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opened an office in Baku, Azerbaijan; Opened an office in Qatar; Completed purchase of 26 acres of land to build new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant; Opened an office in Poza Rica, Mexico; Developed the TripSAVR™, a new external-inflate packer with a 14-1/2” VE element that enables offline, surface-testing of BOP/riser connections

Established TAM de Mexico; TripSAVR™ named finalist for 26th annual Woelfel Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award; TripSAVR™ named  finalist for 2009 World Oil Awards in Best Drilling Technology Category

Developed the FREECAP GT (Geothermal) and FREECAP Clamshell Swellable Packers; Opened an office in Roma, Queensland, Australia; Expanded the TAM North Sea office in Aberdeen

Formed TAM Completion Systems

Built a new Canadian manufacturing facility in Calgary; Opened a new regional office in Latin America (Bogota, Colombia); Broke ground on a new manufacturing facility in Houston; Opened an office in Dickinson, North Dakota (TAM Completion Systems)

Opened an office in Midland, Texas (TAM Completion Systems); Opened a new office in Erbil, Iraq; Expanded operations by opening a new office in Dubai, UAE; Opened a new 126,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Houston; Received a LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for the renovation of the Sales/Marketing office

Received a LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for construction of the new Houston manufacturing facility; Opened an expanded office in Denver, CO

Opened offices in Roma, Australia and Stavanger, Norway; Introduced a Premier Cementable PosiFrac Toe Sleeve and the FastSwell FREECAP Technology; Introduced our V0-Rated Cementing Port Collar.

Received the 2016 Meritorious Engineering Award for Hydraulic Fracturing/Completions from Hart Energy for the PosiFrac Toe Sleeve Technology.

Introduced Casing Annulus Packers with the Deadbolt™ Valve System. Opened a new manufacturing facility in Obninsk, southwest of Moscow.

Opened an office in Broussard, Louisiana. Celebrated the 50th Anniversary of TAM.