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The FREECAP® Swellable Packer (Fluid Reactive Expanding Elastomer Casing Annulus Packer) is a packer that swells upon contact with wellbore fluids. Separate elastomers are available that will swell in water based fluids or oil based fluids. Two basic configurations of FREECAP Swellable Packers are currently available – the FREECAP I which is molded directly on casing and the FREECAP II which is a slide-on version of the FREECAP.

The length of time required to expand and seal off a particular annulus is dependent on several factors. For oil activated swellable packers – fluid temperature and concentration of hydrocarbons in the fluid. For water activated swellable packers – temperature, fresh or salt water, and concentration of salts. For both elastomer types rubber thickness, difference between the initial packer OD and the average borehole ID, the packer length, and the degree of eccentricity.

Swellable Packers - FREECAP®


Product Line
Swellable Packers - FREECAP IFREECAP I
The FREECAP I Swellable Packer has the elastomer bonded directly onto a casing joint with thread connections in accordance with customer requirements
Swellable Packers - FREECAP IIFREECAP II
The FREECAP II Swellable Packer is a sleeve design that can be quickly installed in the field, on blank pipe, or between screens, and allows the flexibility of last-minute adjustments
The FREECAP GT™ has been developed with a superior elastomer base compound that can handle the higher temperatures associated with steam injection/recovery operations
Swellable Packers - Smart FREECAPSmart FREECAP
The Smart FREECAP packer uses the basics of a FREECAP I Swellable Packer but is manufactured to accommodate control lines for Intelligent Well completions without having to splice connections at the packer ends 
Swellable Packers - ResearchResearch
Understanding how FREECAP swellable packers work down hole is critical. How long it takes for a seal to develop is determined by research, testing, and experience.  





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