Plug and Perf Completions

Solutions for Plug and Perf Completions
Well integrity and time savings are two critical components to consider when selecting equipment to be used in a Plug and Perf completion. TAM developed the PosiFrac Toe Sleeve™ and the PosiFrac HALO™ frac seat to address both of these critical components.

PosiFrac Toe Sleeve (PTS)
TAM’s new PosiFrac Toe Sleeve™ (PTS) assembly is designed for cemented or uncemented completions where a casing pressure test is desired to confirm casing integrity prior to opening the toe sleeve. The PTS is distinguished by allowing for a casing integrity test (CIT) without the need to pressure above the test pressure to open the sleeve.

One or more PTS tools can be installed at the toe of the well, and each PTS will cycle open independently during the final casing pressure bleed-off cycle. This allows multiple entry points to the reservoir, so the first stage can be fractured immediately before plug-and-perf operations begin.

The PTS is rated up to 20,000 psi (combined hydrostatic plus test pressure) and 350⁰ F (177⁰ C). The design features a large flow area for high-rate fracture treatments and a debris-tolerant actuation system that is compatible with standard cement wiper plugs.

PosiFrac HALO
The next generation tool to isolate during a plug and perf stimulation has arrived. The PosiFrac HALO frac seat performs like a traditional plug, but eliminates the need for expensive coiled tubing operations after the stimulation. The new frac seat leaves the largest diameter offered in the industry today.

The PosiFrac HALO uses a unique three piece design that offers the latest functionality in expandable and dissolvable technology. Within days after the frac, the ball seat, frac ball, and lower cone dissolve leaving a 4.20” ID for 5.5” 20 # casing. Standard wireline setting tools are used to set the frac seat.

The large ID at the frac seat allows more options for future intervention, without drill out, which has not been available before. The large ID offers no restriction to flow back and production. Eliminating the need for coiled tubing post stimulation adds value to your assets through cost reduction and reduced risk. Also lateral lengths do not need to be limited based on coiled tubing performance since drill out is not required. The unique design is robust and not prone to pre-mature setting during rigorous pump down operations. With the capability to hold 10,000 psi at 350F, the PosiFrac HALO is a perfect fit for the unconventional plug and perf market.

PosiFrac HALO™ is HydraWell, Inc. technology licensed exclusively to TAM International

Plug and Perf Completions MEA Award