PosiFrac Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracture System

TAM’s one-trip PosiFrac® Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracture System is a complete service providing operators new options for completing horizontal wellbores. It enables highly accurate, positive placement of fractures with minimal or no intervention activity. The service incorporates five proven, reliable tools:

  • Liner Hanger Packer
    TAM offers a selection of hydraulically activated dual bore liner top packers.

  • FREECAP® Swellable Packers
    Positive zonal isolation can be achieved with FREECAP swellable packers, resulting in an optimized open hole completion.

  • Ball-Activated Fracturing Sleeve
    The ball-activated fracturing sleeve is a component of the system used as a means to establish direct communication between the liner/casing string and the formation.

  • Hydraulic-Activated Fracturing Sleeve
    The hydraulic-activated fracturing sleeve is an interventionless fracturing sleeve that incorporates redundant opening functions.

  • Circulation Closing Valve
    The circulating closing valve assembly is designed to be used at the toe of the liner system.

PosiFrac Toe Sleeve (PTS)
TAM’s new PosiFrac Toe Sleeve™ (PTS) assembly is designed for cemented or uncemented completions where a casing pressure test is desired to confirm casing integrity prior to opening the toe sleeve. The PTS is distinguished by allowing for a casing integrity test (CIT) without the need to pressure above the test pressure to open the sleeve.

One or more PTS tools can be installed at the toe of the well, and each PTS will cycle open independently during the final casing pressure bleed-off cycle. This allows multiple entry points to the reservoir, so the first stage can be fractured immediately before plug-and-perf operations begin.

The PTS is rated up to 20,000 psi (combined hydrostatic plus test pressure) and 350⁰ F (177⁰ C). The design features a large flow area for high-rate fracture treatments and a debris-tolerant actuation system that is compatible with standard cement wiper plugs.

PosiFrac Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracture System