Investor Relations

TAM International Strategic Investment Portfolio

TAM has a history of taking strategic investments and working with partners to progress innovative downhole technologies for oil and gas drilling and completion activities. With our global footprint and existing position in the market our company can provide a platform for product commercialization and market innovation.

TAM can invest in new or existing businesses with the objective of strengthening our existing business portfolio. We seek to build value by working with, and investing in, outside companies that are developing technologies that are adjacent to and complement TAM’s strategic direction. To be attractive for investment, the opportunity must provide:

  • Access to technologies, content, markets or capabilities that enhance our core offerings;
  • Entry point into a new or related market;
  • Financial return, both through our ownership stake and through enhancement of our business;
  • Opportunity for TAM to contribute to a company's success factors or reduce their risk factor;
  • A learning opportunity for TAM.

Identifying Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities arise from many different sources, often emerging through relationships and contacts that develop in the operation of our businesses. We encourage references from our employees, customers, vendors and partners. Unsolicited proposals are welcomed and will be evaluated against the criteria listed above. Contact TAM Investor Relations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Investor Relations