Quality & HSE

Commitment to Quality & Business Excellence

“Our goal is to consistently meet or exceed the requirements of both our customers and industry, by continually improving processes, products, and services to ensure an effective quality management system.”

TAM developed and implemented our Quality Management System to help our organization operate with increased effectiveness, consistency and improved customer satisfaction. We encourage our employees to adopt our quality philosophy as their personal standard of excellence. Quality is a strategic objective and supports our Company's goal of business excellence. Employees are expected to implement quality principles while performing the responsibilities of their position in order to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for quality products and services.

Our commitment to quality is through the successful formal certification to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Certification to ISO 9001:2015 recognizes our quality processes as world class as set forth by the International Organization of Standardization, a worldwide federation of national bodies.

Our Mission Statement is indicative of our commitment to continuous improvement and focuses on what is important to us as an organization:

Our mission commits us to deliver value solutions to our customers that enhance and optimize their performance.  Our philosophy is that everyone within the Company is working as a team for sustained profitability and long term success.  We strive to exceed the requirements of our customers, both internal and external, by continually improving processes, products and services.

Health, Safety, and Environmental Issues

TAM International’s focus on HS&E is to promote a safe work environment for our employees, visitors, customers and contractors, and is committed to positive environmental stewardship. Our objective is to build a positive proactive culture in HS&E that is driven by the need to improve and protect rather than a culture driven solely by regulatory requirements.

HS&E, quality, production, and service are not considered separate areas at TAM. They are woven together as one. TAM is committed to providing quality products and services in a safe and efficient manner.

Competency Guarantee Program

TAM has implemented a Competency Guarantee Program to demonstrate excellence at the wellsite and continuous improvement throughout the organization.  To increase our competitiveness we have defined a comprehensive process of assessing and assuring job-specific competencies based on a company-wide framework. This framework serves as the basis for setting job/role expectations and optimizing employee development.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate