Drilling & Completions

Whether integrity testing is standard operating procedure in the drilling program or required to satisfy a specific regulation, TAM provides the right equipment for the greatest flexibility and highest reliability in the industry. TAM offers multi-set inflatable packer systems for either cased hole or open hole completions. These packers, which can operate inside diameters from 2 in. (50.8 mm) through 30 in. (762 mm), are capable of testing several locations (above and below the packer) in a single trip into the well. TAM inflatable packers do not have stress-inducing components, such as the anchoring “slips” on a conventional packer, and can be set inside unsupported pipe, such as risers or surface casings, without damaging the interior wall. TAM’s high-expansion ratio packers lend the same flexibility and reliability to even the most difficult process requirements. They enable operations to be conducted below restrictions or through smaller ID tubulars and into the larger ID casing or open hole below.

Well Integrity Testing