Reservoir Optimization

TAM offers a suite of inflatable packers to handle your multi-interval testing needs, including single set and multi-set inflatable packer systems, and the PosiFrac® Multi-Set Straddle System. The PosiFrac Multi-set Straddle System remains the most flexible and reliable inflatable packer system for selectively testing, producing, or stimulating multiple zones in both open hole and cased wells. The assembly can be inflated to isolate specific intervals; after the well is produced to achieve drawdown, the assembly enables the well to be shut-in downhole for buildup, minimizing wellbore storage effects and providing an improved method of well testing. The tool assembly can be unset, moved, and inflated again to isolate additional testing intervals. With proper pre-job planning and dependable wellsite execution, your comprehensive testing and/or stimulation programs can be achieved in a cost-effective manner.

Multi-Interval Testing