Unconventional Resources

TAM offers two options for effectively stimulating multiple compartments in wells drilled in unconventional reservoirs. TAM’s PosiFrac® Multi-stage Hydraulic Fracture System for open hole hydraulic fracture applications is an integrated completion system for unconventional resources. In addition to the all-inclusive system, TAM also has experts available to run it from service centers in your region. This gives you unprecedented control and predictability, allowing you to maximize efficiency. It also provides reassurance no one else can match: you’ll get your completion on depth, on time, and with the best swellable packers available. The combination of TAM’s FREECAP® swellable packers and frac sleeves allows selective isolation and hydraulic fracturing treatment in multi-stage completions.

TAM’s PosiFrac® Straddle System is based on our upgraded, field-proven “PW” tool design and decades of experience in running straddle tools. Isolation of specific intervals is achieved with TAM’s multi-set, inflatable packer straddle assembly. The tool system can be used for testing, treating (acidizing or hydraulic fracturing), or fluid inflow control in both vertical and horizontal wells. This flexible system can be customized for a variety of downhole conditions, and it can be used for precision stimulation and testing of many zones in a single run

An option on the Straddle System utilizes the Insta-Set Valve®. It does not require a ball to drop from surface and hydraulic fluid does not need to be pumped through the system, saving time and money.

Multi-Stage Fracture / Acidization Treatments
Multi-Stage Fracture / Acidization Treatments