CAP and Cementing Accessories

Accessory equipment includes the Port Collar, Locator Sub, and Plug & Retainer Kit. An External Inflate Kit is available for the CAP product line.

Port Collar
The Port Collar product line provides a means of selective annular displacement, stimulation, or remediation. These full-bore, mechanically actuated tools are available in a variety of configurations including an industry-exclusive, gas-tight, metal-to-metal design that can be utilized for planned or contingency stage cementing operations in critical wells without compromising casing integrity. There are two distinct styles: rotate motion with elastomeric seals; and linear motion with metal-to-metal seals or elastomeric seals.

Locator Sub
The TAM Locator Sub is used as a positive depth control device to correctly position a Combo Tool.

Plug & Retainer (P&R) Kit
The P&R Kit is a one-trip system that includes a hydraulic and mechanical release system.

External Inflate Kit
The External Inflate Kit is a feature added to the CAP that allows inflation via a control line to the surface. It enables customers to control inflation for shallow setting applications.

Cementing accessories used with the Combination (Combo) Tool include the Choke Sub, Wiper Dart, Dart Catcher, and Dart Assembly.

Combo Tool
The Combination (Combo) Tool is a cup-type tool designed and developed to selectively perform Casing Annulus Packer (CAP) inflation and to operate the TAM Port Collar all in one trip. The tool is a combination of a cup packer and shifting tool that engages the shifting sleeve on a Port Collar, creating a pressure barrier to perform a cement job. Once the cement job is performed, no cement is left inside the casing. The Combo Tool can also be used for zonal treatment operations such as acidizing or low-rate fracturing. Combo Tool accessories include the Choke Sub, Wiper Dart, Dart Catcher, and Dart Assembly.

Choke Sub
The Premium Threaded Choke Sub is run with the TAM Premium Combo Tool to stop fluid movement below the Combo Tool. Once a setting ball is pumped to the ball seat in the Choke Sub, circulation through the tool is stopped, allowing fluid to be directed through the inflation/cementing ports on the Combo Tool. A secondary seat allows a larger ball to be used in additional operations or in the case of premature shearing of the primary ball seat.

Wiper Dart
The Wiper Dart, a unique design of cement wipers and landing darts with near 100% displacement efficiency, allows the use of a multiplicity of darts. The TAM Wiper Dart system pumps through drill pipe, tubing, coiled tubing, inflation tools, or any combination of these tubulars. The landing dart’s proven seal technology provides a bubble-tight seal once the system lands below the inflation tool. A special shearable collet design provides a means to expel the dart and then pump additional darts for continued operations.

  • Dart Catcher
    The Dart Catcher is used in conjunction with the Premium Combo Tool to allow the use of Wiper Darts for accurate fluid placement when inflating the Casing Annulus Packer (CAP) with cement and/or performing cement operations through a Port Collar. The Dart Catcher has an integral landing profile for the Wiper Dart to land on and latch into, which provides a positive indication of when the Wiper Dart lands. Additional pressure then shears the Wiper Dart through the profile, allowing cement to be pumped around the Wiper Dart via bypass ports in the Dart Catcher.
  • Dart Assembly
    The TAM Dart Assembly is a shearable fluid displacement device used in conjunction with a TAM Dart Catcher when inflating the Casing Annulus Packer (CAP) with cement/fluid and/or performing cement operations through a Port Collar.
Combo Tool - CAP and Cementing Accessories