Casing Annulus Packer (TAMCAP or CAP)

The CAP product line consists of an array of casing-conveyed, inflatable packer solutions designed to provide a reliable mechanical barrier in open hole or cased hole installations.

Operation-specific parameters dictate the packer configuration and running procedures, ensuring the right tool is utilized for every application.

    • The CAP is available in two distinct constructions. The TAMCAP and LONGCAP products use high-strength stainless steel slats to reinforce the full length of the inflatable element from 3 ft to 10 ft. The XTRACAP product is partially reinforced for the full length of the inflatable element from 5 ft to 20 ft, enabling the element to seal in irregular shaped wellbores.
    • The reliable SafeLok™ inflation valve system can be run above or below the inflation element
    • The High Re-Pressure CAP includes a higher grade material in the valve sub that is designed to withstand internal pressures up to 10,000 psi. This design allows the CAP to withstand the high pressures encountered by the casing string during hydraulic fracturing operations or casing internal pressure testing.
    • TAM designed the Hi-Temperature CAP for applications where the downhole temperatures can reach 300 °F (149 °C). This tool retains the CAP’s superior capability for a wide variety of applications where a seal is required between the casing and open hole (or previous casing string).

TAM International recently introduced its 22-in. Casing Annulus Packer.  The new CAP has a 10-ft seal and was designed to run with the 22-in. cementing Port Collar.  The combination of the two tools was developed for a major international offshore operator who requires secondary cementing of the 22-in. casing.  Validation of the product followed ISO 14310 standards.


Casing Annulus Packer (TAMCAP or CAP)