Deadbolt(tm) SafeLok Valve System

The Deadbolt™ SafeLok is a patented innovative valve system utilized in TAM inflatable Casing Annulus Packers (CAP). The Deadbolt™ builds on top of the field proven reliability of the SafeLok valves to control inflation with the fail-safe ability to lock in casing integrity in difficult well environments. The Deadbolt™ SafeLok allows operators to use inflatable CAPs to support secondary cementing or prevent gas migration and eliminates any chance of creating a leak path in the casing string.

  • Utilizes the reliability of the SafeLok valve system to control inflation and lock pressure in the packer
  • Same inflation procedure in all TAM inflatable CAPs
  • Simply increase casing pressure to activate Deadbolt™ valve
  • Deadbolt™ valve is ideal for secondary cement jobs for wells with lost circulation
  • Additional security prevents leak paths in extreme conditions


Casing Annulus Packer (TAMCAP or CAP)