HATCH Packer

The HATCH Packer is a unified construction incorporating the TAM metal-to-metal seal Port Collar and Casing Annulus Packer into an integral assembly for running with premium production casing.

The V0-rated HATCH Packer is the industry's first integral stage cementing assembly qualified to ISO 14998 V0 Annex A & Annex D and ISO 14310. The 9-5/8 in. V0 HATCH Packer utilizes the same sealing system as the V0 MTM Port Collar (qualified gas-tight @ 300°F (149°C) in 2015) to ensure that casing integrity is not compromised in critical applications such as premium production casing installations.

In addition to meeting the industry's most rigorous qualification standards for casing integrity, the V0 HATCH Packer is also equipped with a key design enhancement to improve operational efficiency. Once the primary cementing operations are complete and the Casing Annulus Packer (CAP) has been inflated, additional pressure can be applied to rupture a burst disk in the Port Collar body to establish circulation above the CAP. This key feature enables the operator to clean out and condition the annulus while running in hole with the TAM Combo Tool, which is utilized to perform the second stage cementing operations through the Port Collar ports.

Once the second stage cement job is complete and the Port Collar is shifted into the final closed position, all potential flow paths including the rupture disk ports, port collar ports and inflation path to the CAP are isolated by the V0-qualfied sealing system.

HATCH Packer