Single-Set and Cement Retainer

The Single-Set product line provides a retrievable, inflatable packer system capable of being inflated and automatically locked set without manipulation of the work string. This product can be configured for a range of casing sizes, including a premium 7-1/2 in. Single-Set for Deepwater applications.

The Cement Retainer can be set in either open or cased hole and can expand up to 2 times its run-in diameter. It is designed for reliable anchoring. This product is not releasable and thus is considered only for “permanent” packer applications.

Cement Retainer Kit
The Cement Retainer Kit (CRK) is a sub assembly that easily converts our existing 1-11/16 in. or 2-5/8 in. Single Set packers into a thru tubing cement retainer capable of setting in a range of hole or casing sizes from 1-7/8 in. ID up to 6-1/4 in. ID. The CRK consists of a combination dual flapper valve assembly held open by a pull release safety joint. After cement has been pumped below the inflated Single Set, straight pull on the work string will release from the cement retainer and simultaneously shut both flapper valves, isolating the well above and below the retainer. Cement can then immediately be pumped on top of the retainer if required.

TIP Retrievable Inflatable Packer System
The TAM Inflatable Packer (TIP) is a robust single set rotational release or pull release packer designed to be used in the most challenging applications and engineered for drilling environments. The TIP is adaptable for both cased hole and open hole applications, using TAM’s proven woven cable and slat elements. The TIP can also be easily converted into a retrievable or permanent bridge plug.

Single-Set and Cement Retainer