FREECAP I packers are made by bonding the swellable elastomer to any oilfield tubulars. They are offered in standard sizes of 3 to 20 ft (1 to 6 m) lengths on 10 to 30 ft (3 to 9 m) casing or tubing joints. Metal end rings assist in increasing the differential pressure rating by reducing the extrusion gap between the packer and the borehole/casing ID. Custom designed FREECAPs with modified sizes and compounds are available.

The ID of the FREECAP II packer is designed to slide over the maximum API casing OD tolerance. Seals installed in both end rings seal the annulus between the ID of the packer and the OD of the casing. FREECAP II packers are commonly sized in 1 and 3 ft (0.3 and 1 m) lengths. They are simple to install and do not require specialized personnel to run them.

FREECAP III packers are built as slide-on packers which allow on-site placement on either blank pipe or at the end of screen section. The elastomer section slides directly onto the casing with each two part end ring securing the elastomer to the base pipe. Set screws are used to anchor the end ring to the base pipe to back up the swellable elastomer when under differential load.

The FREECAP IV is a slide-on version made for low-pressure applications, which allows on-site placement on either blank pipe or at the end of the screen section. The packers have seal lengths of 1 ft, 3 ft, and 5 ft (0.3 m, 0.9 m, and 1.5m), but can have custom lengths. The packer slides directly over max API casing OD tolerances. Each metal end ring bonds to the swellable elastomer, and set screws anchor the end rings to the base pipe.

The Smart FREECAP packer uses the basics of a FREECAP I packer but is manufactured to allow running control lines through the elastomer.